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Rosumari's Journal of Cubicism

You Must Seek TimeCube

Rose ]#
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I'm Rose.

Just turned 20, student of Japanese at Leeds University in England. I hate writing profiles so I doubt I'll say much beyond this:

If you like Hyde, Alan Rickman, Japan or BEANS, we're quite likely to at least have something to talk about. Leave me a comment and we'll see, I guess.

You can see my Johari Window here: http://kevan.org/johari?name=rosumari - and if you know me feel free to add to it. Alternatively, Facebook me!

My list of things I hope to do before I'm 25: (Crossed off when completed)

Go to Japan 3x!
Live in Japan for a year and again from September 06!
Get Japanese boyfriend ...not all it's cracked up to be
Get and keep a boyfriend
Get harem of sexy nubile boys ...but they're all gay!
Complete an essay before the morning of the day it's due in
Speak reasonable Japanese yah.
Be able to read a Japanese newspaper
Speak fluent Japanese
Graduate with a First
Become something other than an English Teacher Yeap, did that with Create!
Stop being an insomniac
See L'Arc in concert AND IT ROCKED
See HYDE in concert
Honestly tell someone I love them
Climb Mt. Fuji
Go to Okinawa

My Boyfriend:

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You should seek Time Cube.

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